Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 23 Matches

Round 23 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 18-19/3/1995)

Wollongong City		1	-	Morwell Falcons		4
(Martin Akers 75)			(Scott Miller 12)
					(Carlo Villani 16)
					(Warren Spink 50)
					(Ernie Tapai 63)

WC : Hughes, O'Shea (sent off 7), Dihm, Cellini (Murray 14), Bradley,
     Bonetig, Horsley, Ricoy, Coveny, A Cervinski (Akers 65), Middleby

MF : Matassa, Douglas, Parton (Upton 76), Canosa, Marcina, Sevin, Miller,
     Stergiopoulos (Waddell 61), Tapai, Bothwell, Villani

[O'Shea's send off for a clumsy tackle was regarded as harsh by both coaches
 but it did allow Morwell to exploit the flanks and ring up 4 goals against
 a gallant Wolves side who got a late consolation for their efforts.]

Melbourne Knights	2	-	Adelaide City		0
(David Cervinski 60)
(Oliver Pondeljak 70)

MK : Juric, Horvat, De Amicis, Buljubasic, D Cervinski, Silic (Z Markovski 90),
     Tiatto, Marucic, Lapsansky, Pondeljak (Spiteri 77), Viduka

AC : Petkovic, Ivanovic, Melta, Tobin, Vidmar, Lozanovski (Gibson 77),
     Talladira, Mullen, Foster, Hassell, Mori

[The Knights break the spell the Zebras had woven and actually beat them and
 did so more comprehensively than it might look. Marucic is an import from
 Croatia who was bought to fill the void left by Biskic's departure. Back to
 the game and ironically it was Damien Mori's marker who started the scoring
 after some sparkling play by the Knights when Cervinsky headed in from a
 Pondeljak cross. Pondeljak himslef lobbed a stranded Petkovic after some
 Viduka magic and ensured that the Knights stayed top and City are now
 battling Sydney United for the remaining vital top two spot.]

West Adelaide		2	-	Heidelberg United	2
(West Adelaide win 3-2 on penalties)
(Cyrille Ndongo-Keller 69, 84)		(Walter Ardone 42)
					(Robert Despotovski 52)

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Slager, Lazaridis (Brazzale 61), Alagich, Tibaldi,
     Slifkas, Andrioli (Iriarte 46), Aloisi, Cardozo, Ndongo-Keller

HU : Miller, Scott, Georgiadis, Koutos, Tsoumerakas, Karapatsos, Tsolakis,
     Wade, Ardone, Vlahos, Despotovski (Psarros 85)

[Despite some early form it was the Sharks who found the going tough and
 ended up on the wrong end of a 2 goal deficit. Cameroonian international
 Ndongo-Keller then turned the match with two late strikes to send the game
 into penalties and almost avoided those by some fairly reasonable penalty
 appeals. Wests were defensively weak with two regulars out and Lazaridis
 succumbing to a groin injury.]

Parramatta Eagles	3	-	Melbourne SC		0
(Geoff Gunning 7, 45)
(Andrew Brayshaw 36)

PE : Franken, Orlic, O'Donnell, P Souris, Gwynne (Koch 69), Moffitt, Reda,
     Brayshaw (Harding 86), Ciantar, Sprod, Gunning

MZ : Kourtis, Jolevski, Trajkovski, Della Rocca, Kuleski, Zinni, Ngata, Enes,
     Banini (Karkaletsis), Trajcevski (Lazarevski 72), Tricarico

[The Eagles just ran rings around the Melbourne side which is no mean feat
 for a side who has made an artform of the struggle. Brayshaw played
 splendidly up front and received a standing ovation, coaching his second
 game Washington Gonzales was well pleased "It was a wonderful effort

Marconi-Fairfield	0	-	Sydney Olympic		1
					(Derek Poimer 22)

MF : Catlin, Dee, Colombo, Casserly, Smith, vanEgmond, Harris (Taliadoros 55),
     Talay, Bingley, Corica, Iocca

SO : Gibson, Barrett, Juric, Sorras, Meredith, Maloney, Johnson, Augerinos,
     Milosevic (Tsekenis 76), Tome (Bacak 66), Poimer

[A diving header gave Olympic the double over their fellow strugglers from
 Sydney. Both Gibson and Catlin were in great form and despite the scoreline
 there was no shortage of chances.]

South Melbourne		0	-	Sydney United 		1
					(Manis Lamond 42)

SM : Mautone, Petersen, Valkanis, Lucchetta, Mangos, Anthopoulos, Polak,
     Panopoulos, Damianos, Kelic (Komilionis 30), Mihaloglou (Baser 63)

SU : Kalac, Popovic, Stanton, Kupresak, M Babic, Bilokapic, Hristodoulou,
     Moric (Petkovic 53), Naumovski, S Babic (Milicic 77), Lamond

[Souths fielded some very new faces after injury and suspensions, and a
 determined United, set about crushing their finals hopes. A second half
 assault was absorbed by the United defence and this result put United into
 second spot on the ladder.]