Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 19 Matches

Round 19 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 18-19/2/1995)

Melbourne Knights	2	-	Melbourne SC		0
(Mark Viduka 28 pk)
(Josip Biskic 39)

MK : Juric, Horvat, D Cervinski, Tiatto, Silic, Biskic, Buljubasic, De Amicis,
     Lapsansky (sent off 59), Pondeljak, Viduka

MZ : Kourtis, Jolevski, Karkarletsis, Della Rocca, Trajkovski, Banini, Enes,
     Ngata (Bichler 74), Emmanuelle (Trajcevski 45), Tricarico, Zinni

[The Knights got back to something like their top form against a rapidly
 improving Melbourne SC. Paul Della Rocca handled the ball inside the box
 to give Viduka the oppertunity to take the lead for the Knights and for
 himself in the goalscorer table. Merely 10 minutes later the second goal
 was scored with an accurate cross from Viduka fired home. Trajcevski's
 injection into the game gave the Zebras a more forceful attack but the
 Knights defence, particularly Horvat, repelled them effectively enough.
 Lapsansky was sent off for a second yellow card.]

Marconi-Fairfield	4	-	Heidelberg United	2
(Darren Iocca 2, 31, 92)		(Peter Psarros 70)
(Kimon Taliadoros 91)			(Peter Tsolakis 72)

MF : Catlin, Casserly, Gray, van Egmond, Smith (Robertson 60), Holst, Talay,
     Colombo, Corica, Taliadoros, Iocca

HU : Miller, Scott, Watson, Georgiadis, Karapatsos, Ardone, MacNicol,
     Papouthis (Despotovski 46), Tsolakis, Vlahos, Psarros

[Steve Corica had a brilliant return (let's hope) to form and set up a
 hat-trick of goals for Iocca. The Bergers were playing well and fought
 hard to regain parity after falling behind early. As the final whistle
 approached Heidelberg opted not to stall for the draw (commendably) and
 were caught napping twice in injury time as Marconi secured 4 points.
 Andrea Icardi's amazement at his sides Houdiniesque performance was matched
 only by the utter disbelief of his counterpart Andy Bozikas.]

Sydney Olympic		0	-	Morwell Falcons		1
					(Ernie Tapai 68)

SO : Gibson, Sorras, Spyridakos, Barrett, Meredith, Tsekenis, Caleta, Maloney,
     Milosevic, Johnson, Tome

MF : Matassa, Parton, Waddell, Douglas (sent off 83), Sevin, Tapai,
     Upton, Canosa, Bothwell, Spink, Markovski 

[Vince Estavilio was sacked and this was the first game for the new boy
 Geoff Harcombe. The margin of loss was nice and small but it was a loss
 nonetheless, and against Morwell you'd back yourself for a draw. It was
 another fine performance from Markovski and it was one of his shots which
 Tapai deflected into the net just after the hour. Olympic's chances were
 few but they were unlucky when play was waved on after Maloney was toppled
 inside the area.]

Wollongong City		4	-	Parramatta Eagles	2
(Vaughan Coveny 36, 84)			(Nick Orlic 52)
(Matthew Horsley 66)			(Adam Ciantar 75)
(Robert Middleby 88)

WC : Hughes, Murray, O'Shea, Bourke, Dihm, Horsley, Bradley, Ricoy,
     Bonetig (Middleby 45), Coveny, A Cervinski

PE : Franken, Gwynne, G Souris, Ciantar, Orlic, Renaud, Reda, Sprod,
     Mendez (Josevski 1 (sent off 22)), Gilbert, Haythornthwaite

[Playmaker Gabriel Mendez was cut down in a tackle from Pat Bradley and
 carried off with a knee injury. Referee Lorenc had a good view of the
 tackle and took no action. Mendez's replacement Tony Josevski was able
 to accumulate two yellow cards in barely 20 minutes for fouls on Pedro
 Ricoy and the Eagles would struggle further still. City are now making
 themselves comfortable in the top 6.]

played 8/3/1995

Brisbane Strikers	1	-	Sydney United		2
(Chris Slater ??)			(Manis Lamond ??, ??)

BS : Bolton, Jackson, Stowell, Hunter, S Cranney, Zoricich, Evans, 
     Phillips, Slater, Brown, Ditton (Williams 79)

SU : Kalac, Popovic, Kupresak, M Babic, Stanton, Vrkic (S Babic 84), Moric
     Bilokapic, Hristodoulou, Milicic, Lamond (Zdrilic)

played 22/3/1995

South Melbourne		2	-	West Adelaide 		0
(Ivan Kelic 1)
(G Lucchetta 74)

SM : Mautone, Lucchetta, Anthopoulos, Kuzmanovic, Valkanis, Panopoulos,
     Petersen, Polak, Boutsianis (Komilionis 67), Trimboli,
     Kelic (Mihaloglou 67)

WA : Blazincic, Tibaldi, Slager, Hooker, Slifkas, Tsekinis, Alagich, Brazzale,
     Aloisi (Cardozo 76), Iriarte, Ndongo-Keller