Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 18 Matches

Round 18 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 12/2/1995)

Heidelberg United	2	-	Sydney Olympic		0
(Andrew Vlahos 75)
(Robert Despotovski 78)

HU : Miller, Watson, Papouthis (Vasiliadis 85), Georgiadis, Scott, Karapatsos,
     MacNicol (Despotovski 77), Ardone, Tsolakis, Vlahos, Psarros

SO : Gibson, Spyridakos, Barrett, Sorras, Augerinos, Tome, Maloney,
     Milosevic (Caleta 77), Poimer (Treharne 66), Johnson, Smith

[Olympic sink deeper and deeper into the mire and afford the Bergers the
 chance to get within 6 points of Olympic. Norman Tome was denied by the
 crossbar in the first half but it was Psorras and Young Socceroo Vlahos
 who were the most potent attackers on the field. Olympic's stout, though
 sometimes frantic, defence held out for over an hour before capitulating
 and Olympic coach Vince Estavilio promised sweeping changes.]

West Adelaide		0	-	Wollongong City		4
					(Mineo Bonetig 21)
					(Adrian Cervinski 26)
					(Vaughan Coveny 57)
					(Matthew Horsley 90)

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Slager, Haniotis, Andrioli (Kokkinoplitis 83),
     Keramidas, Slifkas, Tibaldi, Iriarte (Aloisi 60), Ndongo-Keller, Cardozo

WC : Hughes, O'Shea, Bourke, Dihm, Horsley, Bonetig, Ricoy, Bradley,
     Cellini (Dimoski 72), Coveny, A Cervinski (Middleby 83)

[Wollongong were on song for this match and were by far the better team
 on the day. Should such form continue they could certainly give some of
 the top teams a shake. West Adelaide's fans were thin on the ground at
 the end of the match and Ndongo-Keller was perhaps the only Sharks player
 who can hold his head high.]

Parramatta Eagles	1	-	Brisbane Strikers	4
(Geoff Gunning 56)			(Chris Slater 2, 8)
					(Chris Zoricich 61)
					(Rod Brown 88)

PE : Franken, G Souris, Gwynne, Orlic, Revely (Haythornthwaite 46),
     Sprod, Renaud, Gunning, Falzon, Brayshaw, Gilbert (Reda 44)

BS : Bolton, Jackson, Stowell, Zoricich, Hunter, Phillips, Wright (Evans 83),
     Williams, T Cranney, Slater (S Cranney 74), Brown

[The Vikings liked to have a berserker or two in their midst for a good start
 in battle, Chris Slater is one such berserker. His two goals, one a missile
 into the top corner from outside the box was superb and the second a header,
 put the Eagles on the backfoot and without Mendez on national duty they
 lacked  the penetration to threaten the Strikers, who lived up to their

Melbourne SC		1	-	Marconi-Fairfield	1
(Melbourne wins 5-4 on penalties)
(Darren Iocca 5)			(Joe Tricarico 86)

MZ : Kourtis, Jolevski, Trajkovski, Della Rocca, Karkaletsis, Enes, Banini,
     Ngata, Emmanuelle (Bichler 78), Tricarico, Zinni

MF : Pogliacomi, Gray, van Egmond, Holst, Smith, Talay, Colombo, 
     McCulloch (Robertson 69), Harper, Iocca (Bosevski 82), Taliadoros

[Iocca looped a header over Kourtis early in the match to give Marconi a
 firm footing but a goalmouth scramble with 4 minutes to go gave the Zebras
 the oppertunity to turn 0 points into 2, which they did. It wasn't the
 most sparkling match of the round but neither side can seriously entertain
 championship ambitions.]

The Sydney United - Melbourne Knights and Morwell Falcons - Adelaide City
matches were postponed since the national team drew heavily from these four
teams and with 3 international games in a week these clubs would be
significantly understrength. Hence the postponement.

played 22/2/1995
Sydney United		2	-	Melbourne Knights	2
(Knights win 6-5 on penalties)
(Ante Milicic 2)			(Steve Horvat 16)
(Manis Lamond 66)			(Mark Viduka 54)

SU : Kalac, Popovic, Babic, Kupresak, Stanton, Bilokapic (Zdrilic 71), Moric,
     Naumovski, Hristodoulou, Milicic, Lamond

MK : Juric, Horvat, DeAmicis, D Cervinski, Buljubasic, Pondeljak, Biskic,
     Silic, Tiatto (sent off 76), Spiteri, Viduka

[Sydney United were unlucky to to have this game go to penalties as they
 were generally the better team and got off to a great start from an
 oppertunistic Milicic. Then Horvat put in a great free kick from just outside
 the box but the decision to award it was hotly contended by Brank Culina, the
 United coach. Viduka headed in to give the southerners the lead but United
 rallied to pull it back and on balance had more chances, though both sides
 were thwarted by great goalkeeping. Kalac saved the first penalty from Viduka
 in the shootout but after that the luck ran out.]

played 8/3/1995

Morwell Falcons		1	-	Adelaide City		2
(Brian Bothwell ??)			(Damien Mori ??)
					(Craig Foster ??)

MF : Matassa, Marcina (Ferreira 71), Parton, Douglas, Miller, Sevin, Tapai,
     Stergiopoulos, Bothwell, Spink, Markovski

AC : Petkovic, Ivanovic, Vidmar, Tobin, Melta, Foster (Goutzioulis 83),
     Mullen (Gibson 57), Talladira, Lozanovski, Hassell, Mori