Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 15 Matches

Round 15 of the Australian NSL Championship (games played 26/1/1995)

Wollongong City 	2	-	Marconi-Fairfield 	2
(Wollongong win 2-0 on penalties)
(Vaughan Coveny 57pk, 64)		(Steve Corica 15)
					(Gary van Egmond 25)

WC : Hughes, Bourke, O'Shea, Dihm, Troth (Middleby 45), Horsley, Bradley,
     Bonetig (A Cervinski 45), Cellini, Coveny, Dimoski

MF : Pogliacomi, Gray, Iocca, Holst, Casserly, Bingley, Colombo (Dee 52),
     van Egmond, McCulloch, Corica, Taliadoros

[Obviously the two regular time penalties took it out of the players as only
 two went in during the shootout Horsley and Coveny being the successful
 marksmen. This game gave Wollongong a sight of the top six and for Marconi
 it just disappppeared over the horizon.]

Melbourne SC 		0	-	Morwell Falcons 	0
(Melbourne SC win 4-3 on penalties)

MS : Kourtis, Kuleski, Jolevski, Della Rocca, Karkaletsis, Trajkovski,
     Trajcevski, Banini (Ngata 87), Enes, Zinni, Tricarico (Lazarevski 75)

MF : Matassa, Douglas, Sevin, Parton (Miller 81), Upton, Tapai, Markovski,
     Waddell, Marcina, Ferreira, Spink

[The exact same result as their first round encounter and Morwell just keep
 racking up the draws. Ironically, in a way, Morwell coach Bobby McLachlan
 was the most vociferous opponent of the shootout system.]

Brisbane Strikers 	0	-	Melbourne Knights 	1
					(Josip Biskic 45)

BS : Bolton, Jackson, Evans, Hunter, Zoricich, Williams, Phillips, T Cranney,
     Brown, S Cranney (Slater 75), Wright

MK : Juric, Horvat, D Cervinsky, Buljubasic, Biskic, Silic, Lapsansky,
     DeAmicis, Tiatto, Viduka, Spiteri (Pondeljak 62)

[Again an exact repeat of the Round 1 scoreline, only this time it wasn't
 Viduka who got the credit for the winner. Brisbane are slipping a little
 down the greasy pole and are in danger of losing their playoff spot to a
 surging Wollongong. At least it makes things interesting.]

Parramatta Eagles	0	-	Adelaide City 		1
					(Damien Mori 73)

PE : Franken, G Souris, Gwynne, Ciantar, Orlic, Sprod, Reda, Mendez, Renaud,
     Brayshaw, Gunning

AC : Petkovic, Ivanovic, Melta, Tobin, Vidmar, Foster, Talladira, Mullen,
     Lozanovski, Mori, Hassell (Goutzioulis 67)

[I'm not sure why this fascinates me so much but _again_ the result was the
 same as in the corresponding rouand earlier this season. A damn fine game by
 the Eagles who kept City scoreless for over an hour, but Mori is a hard
 guy to contain for a whole game.]

West Adelaide		3	-	Sydney Olympic 		1
(George Haniotis 3)			(Damien Smith 87)
(Pablo 'Elvis' Cardozo 59, 72)

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Haniotis, Slager, Keramidis, Lazaridis (Tibaldi 75),
     Cardozo, Andrioli, Slifkas, Tsekenis (Alagich 62), Iriarte

SO : Gibson, Spyridakos, Juric (Smith 44), Sorras, Meredith, Augerinos,
     Maloney, Lee (Caleta 30), Tsekenis, Bacak, Johnson

[Erm, well that Elvis guy just keeps popping up. Olympic keep on losing. The
 only bright spot for Olympic was the goal scored by new Superleague recruit
 Damien Smith. If first names are anything to go by he'll be scoring quite a

Heidelberg United	1	-	South Melbourne 	3
(Sasho Despotovski 20 pk)		(Con Boutsianis 29, 80)
					(Paul Trimboli 81)

HU : Miller, Koutos, Scott, Watson, Karapatsos Nedelkovic 82), MacNicol,
     Georgiadis, Tsolakis, Gnjidic, Vlahos, Despotovski

SM : Mautone, Davidson, Muscat, Kuzmanovic, Durakovic (Panopoulos 71),
     Polak, Petersen, Boutsianis, Awaritefe (Wade 74), Kelic, Trimboli

[I'm a pretty twisted person but I'm really looking forward to seeing
 Heidelberg get relegated.]