Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 13 Matches

Round 13 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 13-15/1)

(played 23/12/1994)
Melbourne Knights	3	-	South Melbourne		0
(Fausto DeAmicis 50)
(Danny Tiatto 67)
(Mark Viduka 88)

MK : Juric, Horvat, De Amicis, D Cervinski, Buljubasic, Silic, Biskic,
     Lapsansky, Tiatto, Spiteri, Viduka

SM : Anastasiadis, Durakovic, Valkanis, Kuzmanovic (sent off 54),
     Wade (Polak 73), Petersen, Davidson, Boutsianis (Damianos 77),
     Awaritefe, Kelic, Trimboli

[Durakovic makes his return from injury and his side still let in 3 goals,
 I guess losing a man after being 1 goal down would be difficult and doubly
 so against the Knights, don't know why Kuzmanovic was sent off though.
 Maybe for being ugly ;-).]

West Adelaide		2	-	Adelaide City		1
(Robbie Hooker 31)			(Joe Mullen 4)
(Pablo 'Elvis' Cardozo 76)

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Kokkinoplitas, Haniotis, Slager, Lazaridis, Slifkas,
     Cardozo, Andrioli, Ndongo-Keller, Iriarte

AC : Petkovic, Ivanovic, Tobin, Vidmar, Melta, Foster, Talladira,
     Mullen, Gibson, Mori, Goutzioulis

[Adelaide City lost their first game of the season and thus fail to grasp
 top spot on the ladder. City started off like a house on fire and capitalised
 with an early goal with a header from Mullen. However most other times in
 the match the Sharks were on top and in particular Ndongo-Keller who returned
 from a 0-0 draw playing for Cameroon against Malawi just a day earlier. He
 was in everything and got my personal man-of-the-match award.]

Brisbane Strikers	2	-	Marconi-Fairfield	1
(Chris Slater 49)			(Jean-Paul deMarigny 48)
(Alan Hunter 90 pk)

BS : Ross, Jackson, Stowell (Williams 67), Hunter, Wright, Phillips,
     T Cranney, Zoricich, Ditton, Brown, Slater

MF : Pogliacomi, deMarigny, Dee, vanEgmond (Gomez 84), Ortiz (sent off 94),
     Talay (sent off 94), Iocca (Robertson 74), McCulloch, Taliadoros,
     Corica, Harper

[Marconi, though troubled, opened with a free kick from the edge of the box
 and almost immediately were back on level terms after a Brad Ditton cross
 picked out Slater. Just when all seemed to be going to a penalty shootout
 referee Derek Crawford awarded a penalty on the advice of his linesman for
 a handball infringement. Ortiz and Talay were giving the ref an earful being
 understandably upset about it all (McCulloch was the offender) and were told
 to try a soothing shower in the dressing room.]

Sydney United		1	-	Morwell Falcons		1
(Sydney United win 5-3 on penalties)
(Mark Rudan 60)				(Brian Bothwell 42)

SU : Kalac, Stanton, Rudan, Kupresak, Naumovski, Petkovic (Jermen 70),
     Hristodoulou, Popovic, Bilokapic, Lamond, Zdrilic

MF : Matassa, Parton (Stergiopoulos 54), Canosa, Upton, Waddell, Marcina,
     Bothwell, Armstrong, Sevin, Spink, Markovski (Miller 84)

[Morwell again managed to draw and Kalac, still in Australia, is still
 United's leading light. If this continues perhaps Kalac will be available
 to play for Australia against Colombia. Anyway Kalac not only excelled in
 goal but scored the winning penalty in the shootout. The Falcons, as
 always, played well but for little reward.]

Melbourne SC		3	-	Heidelberg United	0
(Robert Trajkovski 51)
(Andrew Zinni 61)
(Robert Enes 66)

MZ : Kourtis, Kuleski, Trajkovski, Della Rocca, Karkaletsis, Jolevski,
     Banini (Lazarevski 70), Trajcevski, Enes, Zinni (Tombolato 76),

HU : Miller, Scott, Watson, Georgiadis, Vasiliadis (Karapatsos 63),
     Nedelkovic, Tsolakis, Ardone (Despotovski 70), MacNicol, Vlahos, Gnjidic 

[New coach (and former player) for Heidelberg United, Andy Bozikas, was
 present to see the team play pretty much as always. Well let's face it
 losing 3-0 to the 'other' Zebras is worse than usual.]

Wollongong City		4	-	Sydney Olympic		1
(Vaughan Coveny 12, 90)			(Elias Augerinos 49)
(Matt Horsley 53)
(Martin Akers 88)

WC : Hughes, Murray, Bourke, O'Shea, Dihm, Bonetig (Akers 71), Bradley,
     Cellini, Horsley, Middleby (Sterjovski 75), Coveny

SO : Gibson, Spyridakos, Barrett (Poimer 60), Juric, Sorras, Milosevic,
     Meredith, Augerinos (Tome 80), Lee, Maloney, Johnson

[Friday the 13th was a very good day for the Wolves, Olympic were outplayed
 all over the park and are now only very slim candidates for a finals position.
 Sure they're not far away but Olympic are not playing like a team on the way
 up. Kiwi Vaughan Coveny was at his best for Wollongong and the Wolves should
 hope that he remains in form for the match against the Melbourne Knights.]