Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 9 Matches

Round 9 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 16-18/12)

South Melbourne		1	-	Sydney Olympic		1
(South Melbourne wins 5-3 on penalties)
(Paul Trimboli 12)			(Joe Bacak 57)

SM : Anastasiadis, Wade, Valkanis, Hasler (Panopoulos 74), Mangos,
     Boutsianis (Lucchetta 78), Damianos, Petersen, Polak, Kelic, Trimboli

SO : Gibson, Spyridakos, Barrett, Juric, Sorras, Meredith, Tsekenis,
     Milosevic, Maloney (Tome 56), Johnson (Augerinos 74), Bacak

[Souths had the early running but Sydney Olympic pushed them back and
 drew level when Bacak lobbed the ball over the last man, ran past him and
 drilled the ball past the hapless keeper. The late onslaught was not
 enough to give Olympic a win and the penalty shootout went Souths way
 after the Olympic keeper twice saved penalties and the referee ordered
 a retake each time.]

West Adelaide		2	-	Melbourne SC		1
(Cyrille Ndongo-Keller 45)		(Nick Lazarevski 14)
(Jose Iriarte 88)

WA : Blazincic, Haniotis (Keramidis 73), Hooker, Slager, Lazaridis, Slifkas,
     Andrioli (Brazzale 61), Tsekenis, Alagich, Iriarte, Ndongo-Keller

MZ : Kourtis, Kuleski (Tricarico ?min), Banini, Tombolato, Karkarletsis,
     Angelovski (Jolevski 57), Trajcevski, Zinni, Aloisi, Emmanuelle,

[A timely return to form for Jose Iriarte gave the home crowd something to
 cheer about and left the unfortunate Melbourne team deep in the wrong end
 of the table. Melbourne can take heart in the performance of Blagoja
 Kuleski after the loss of Kuzmanovic who claimed he'd not been paid wages.
 Aloisi would later leave too for the same reason.]

Marconi-Fairfield	1	-	Adelaide City		2
(Andrew Harper 89)			(Craig Foster 9)
					(Damien Mori 18)

MF : Pogliacomi, van Egmond (Dee 24), Bingley, Casserly, Smith, Colombo,
     Gray (Talay 63), Ortiz, Corica, Harper, Soper

AC : Petkovic, Ivanovic, Melta, Tobin, Vidmar, Lozanovski (Gibson 69),
     Talladira, Mullen, Hassell, Foster, Mori

[Adelaide City are a lot like a heavily laden goods train. To begin with they
 are inexorably slow but as time progresses they begin to gain momentum and
 once the finals arrive they are unstoppable. I have the benefit of knowing
 the result of the Round 10 game but you will see what I mean.]

Parramatta Eagles	0	-	Sydney United		1
					(Paul Bilokapic 44)

PE : Franken, P Souris, Gwynne, Orlic, Moffitt (Brayshaw 54), Renaud, Ciantar,
     Falzon (Sprod 45), Reda, Gilbert, Gunning

SU : Kalac, Stanton, Kupresak, M Babic, Bilokapic, Naumovski, Popovic,
     Hristodoulou, Rudan (Usalj 85), Milicic (S Babic 77), Zdrilic

[Popovic played midfield rather than sweeper for this game and it paid
 dividends and it was lucky for Parramatta that they conceded just the
 one goal. Kalac made good saves when required mainly near the end.]

Wollongong City		1	-	Heidelberg United	2
(Adrian Cervinski 30)			(Andrew Vlahos 3, 56)

WC : Hughes, Murray, Bourke, O'Shea, Forshaw, Horsley, Bradley, Coveny,
     Dimoski (Cellini 60), Akers (Middleby 60), A Cervinski

HU : Miller, Blagojevic, Scott, Watson, Ardone, Tsolakis, Georgiadis,
     Vasiliadis, Despotovski (Zmugic 70), MacNicol, Vlahos (Karapatsos 86)

[Heidelberg win! Heidelberg win! Heidelberg win! Heidelberg win! Heidelberg win!
 Wollongong can count themselves unlucky as they had most of the play and
 a clear penalty was not called in their favour. Of course Heidelberg mangaged
 to actually put the ball in the net twice and that's all that really counts.]

Brisbane Strikers	1	-	Morwell Falcons		1
(Morwell wins 4-2 on penalties)
(Alan Hunter 24 pk)			(John Markovski 72)

BS : Bolton, Jackson, Stowell, Hunter, Evans, T Cranney, Phillips, Wright,
     Zoricich, S Cranney (Williams 75), Brown

MF : Matassa, Douglas, Canosa, Parton, Miller (Stergiopoulos 64), Tapai,
     Waddell, Bothwell, Sevin, Spink, Markovski (Armstrong 74)

[I hereby rename the Falcons the Penalty Falcons as they have now played
 6 of their 8 games for a penalty shootout decider, winning this one. The
 penalty was awarded after Shaun Parton handled the ball after failing to
 stop Rod Brown.]