Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 8 Matches

Round 8 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 9-11/12)

Parramatta Eagles	2	-	South Melbourne		0
(Gabriel Mendez 2 pk)
(Scott Gilbert 88)

PE : Franken, P Souris, Gwynne, Orlic, Moffitt, Renaud, Ciantar,
     Falzon (Brayshaw 82), Mendez, Gilbert, Gunning (Reda 85)

SM : Mautone, Wade, Mangos, Valkanis, Muscat (sent off 72),
     Boutsianis (Hasler 75), Petersen, Damianos (Trimboli 56), Polak,
     Awaritefe (sent off 78), Kelic

[Sucko Souths! Well actually they didn't deserve to lose Muscat and
 Awaritefe on second yellow cards, however they did deserve to lose
 the match and compound their misery at the wrong end of the table.
 The penalty came about when keeper Mautone was judged to have fouled
 Geoff Gunning.]

Adelaide City		3	-	Sydney Olympic		1
(Damien Mori 33)			(Norman Tome 82)
(Joe Mullen 71)
(John Gibson 90)

AC : Petkovic, Tobin, Melta, Yates, Vidmar, Lozanovski, Talladira, Mullen,
     Foster, Mori (J Gibson 36), Hassell

SO : M Gibson, Juric, Sorras, Tsekenis (Tome 66), Barrett, Augerinos,
     Meredith, Milosevic, Maloney, Bacak (Radic 54), Johnson

[It was a hot afternoon and most of the people in Adelaide seemed to prefer
 the Cricket. Adelaide City dominated the game but several heart stopping
 moments almost spoiled the home win, a better side than Olympic might have
 made it count. As it was only a slight flicker of hope emerged after Tome
 lobbed the keeper to a stunned silence and was soon extinguished as the
 generous Sydney defence allowed Adelaide a third.]

Sydney United		0	-	West Adelaide		1
					(Jose Iriarte 44)

SU : Kalac, Stanton, Kupresak, M Babic, Moric (Vrkic 45), Naumovski (Rudan 45),
     Petkovic, Hristodoulou, Milicic, Zdrilic, Lamond

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Kokkinoplitis, Slager, Haniotis, Lazaridis, Andrioli,
     Slifkas, Tsekenis (Alagich 61), Iriarte, Ndongo-Keller (Cardozo 82)

[Don't know much about this one except that poor finishing continues to
 let United down. A beautiful move just before halftime ended in Kalac
 being beaten for the winner.]

Heidelberg United	0	-	Brisbane Strikers	2
					(Alan Evans 27)
					(Chris Slater 74)

HU : Miller, Blagojevic, Watson, Koutos (Vlahos 21), Scott, MacNicol, Ardone,
     Tsolakis, Kiratzoglou, Despotovski, Zmugic (Gnjidic 57)

BS : Bolton, Jackson, Stowell, Hunter, Evans, S Cranney (Slater 72),
     Williams, Phillips, Wright, T Cranney, Brown (Ditton 79)

[Brisbane's first away win and well deserved against a hapless Heidelberg.
 With any luck the Bergers will get relegated for all they've failed to do,
 like winning for a start.]

Morwell Falcons		1	-	Melbourne Knights	1
(Brian Bothwell 53)			(Mark Silic 39)
(Knights win 7-6 on penalties)

MF : Matassa, Douglas, Sevin, Canosa, Parton, Miller, Bothwell, Waddell,
     Stergioupoulos, Spink, Markovski (Villani 86)

MK : Juric, Horvat, De Amicis, D Cervinski, Buljubasic, Tiatto, Biskic,
     Silic, Pondeljak, Spiteri, Viduka

[At last the Knights fail to win a game. Took them bloody long enough and
 still they didn't lose. The most notable thing about this game is the return
 of Warren Spink from Perak (Malaysia). Perak is the club which has had a
 swagful of players arrested for match-fixing and a few interesting comments
 were made by Warren on that count. Anyway the penalties took a while but
 finally Danny Tiatto (recently called to the Olyroo squad) tucked his effort
 away to give the extra point to the Knights.]

Melbourne SC		1	-	Wollongong City		3
(Andrew Zinni 2)			(Vaughan Coveny 7, 18)
					(Peter Murray 39 pk)

MZ : Gonzales, Kuleski, Della Rocca, Mazzini (Emmanuelle 64), Angelovski,
     Trajkovski (sent off 39), Banini, Aloisi (Tricarico 83), Trajcevski,
     Zinni, Lazarevski

WC : Hughes, Murray, Troth, O'Shea, Forshaw, Coveny, Bradley, Horsley,
     Dimoski (Sterjovski 89), Akers, A Cervinski (Middleby 81)

[New boy Adrian Cervinsky seems to be settling in well and had some good
 chances, yet it was the Melbourne side who got off to a quick start. From
 there Wollongong reeled them in and made sure of the win when Murray slotted
 home after Trajkovski was sent off for tipping the ball over the bar with
 his hand from a Cervinsky header.]