Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 7 Matches

Round 7 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 3-4/12)

Wollongong City		1	-	Sydney United		1
(Sydney United win 3-1 on penalties)
(Mike O'Shea 33 pk)			(David Zdrillic 40)

WC : Hughes, O'Shea, Forshaw, Troth (Bradley 45), Bourke, Horsley, Dimoski,
     Coveny, Cellini (sent off 60), Akers (Middleby 68), A Cervinski

SU : Kalac, Popovic, Kupresak, M Babic, Stanton (S Babic 60), Moric,
     Petkovic (Bilokapic 75), Naumovski, Hristodoulou, Milicic, Zdrilic

[The 5th time in 7 matches that the Match of the Day has been decided on
 penalties, and just like last round the Crows win 3-1 on penalties. Also
 an interesting match in that Adrian Cervinski has been loaned to Wollongong
 from the Knights for the rest of the season. He played like a player getting
 used to his new club. Popovic got his marching orders for impersonating a
 goalkeeper on the goal line and Cellini got a second yellow card for a
 clumsy tackle.]

Brisbane Strikers	3	-	Melbourne SC		0
(Troy Cranney 63)
(Rod Brown 79, 88 pk)

BS : Bolton, Jackson, Stowell, Hunter, Zoricich, Wright, Phillips,
     Ditton (Williams 80), Evans, Brown, T Cranney

MZ : Gonzales, Kuleski, Tombolato, Della Rocca, Trajkovski, Aloisi,
     Banini (Mazzini 83), Trajcevski (Tricarico 80), Emmanuelle,
     Zinni, Lazarevski

[Rod Brown, in his 246th NSL game, has joined John Kosmina and Gary Cole
 in the 100 goals + club. Generally the score was a good reflection of
 the state of the match played in wet conditions.]

Melbourne Knights	2	-	Heidelberg United	1
(Ljubo Lapsansky 45)			(Danny Gnjidic 80)
(Mark Viduka 89)

MK : Juric, Horvat, Silic, D Cervinski, Buljubasic, Tiatto, Biskic,
     Marth (Pondeljak 45), Lapsansky, Spiteri, Viduka

HU : Miller, Blagojevic, Watson, Koutos, Scott, MacNicol, Ardone,
     Georgiadis (sent off 61), Tsolakis, Kiratzoglou (Vlahos 57),
     Zmugic (Gnjidic 70)

[Oh how close they came. The Knights have won all their games so far and
 needed an 89 minute winner against the team which has won none of their
 games so far. Hahaha. Fouls on Biskic and Tiatto got George Georgiadis
 (parents can be so cruel) sent off.]

Marconi-Fairfield	2	-	Morwell Falcons		1
(Ufuk Talay 49)				(Brian Bothwell 70)
(Andrew Harper 86)

MaF : Pogliacomi, van Egmond, Bingley, Casserly, Smith, Talay (Harper 80),
      Colombo, Ortiz, Corica (McCulloch 88), Soper, Taliadoros (sent off 87)

MoF : Matassa, Waddell, Douglas, Parton, Miller, Bothwell, Tapai,
      Stergioupoulos (Villani 88), Sevin, Armstrong, Markovski (Fehmi 82)

[Well Marconi finally managed to pull out a win and with an 18year-old
 rookie Goalkeeper at that. Morwell were committed throughout and their
 coach was pretty upset that none of that paid off. Kimon was sent off
 late in the game for arguing the point after being shown a yellow card.]

West Adelaide		0	-	Parramatta Eagles	1
					(Scott Gilbert 62)

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Kokkinoplitis, Slager, Haniotis, Andrioli, Slifkas,
     Lazaridis, Cardozo (Tsekenis 76), Iriarte, Ndongo-Keller

PE : Franken, P Souris, Ciantar, Gwynne, Orlic, Renaud, Brayshaw (Falzon 45),
     Mendez, Moffitt, Gilbert (Reda 85), Gunning

South Melbourne		1	-	Adelaide City		2
(Francis Awaritefe 28)			(Craig Foster 19)
					(Damien Mori 59)

SM : Mautone, Wade, Muscat, Mangos, Hasler (Damianos 70), Polak, Petersen,
     Boutsianis (Panopoulos 74), Kelic, Trimboli, Awaritefe

AC : Petkovic, Ivanovic, Vidmar, Tobin, Melta, Foster (Yates 90), Mullen,
     Talladira, Lozanovski (Gibson 81), Hassell, Mori

[I doubt that it's all of Souths problems but the loss of Durakovic through
 injury has really hurt them. Pretty cool eh? Of course with 3/4 of the
 Adelaide back 4 being National team regulars it was always going to be hard
 to score enough goals to win while keeping them out without the other 1/4
 in the South Melbourne back 4.]