Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 6 Matches

Round 6 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 26-27/11)

Sydney United		0	-	Brisbane Strikers	0
(Sydney United win 3-1 on penalties)

SU : Kalac, Popovic, Kupresak, M Babic, Stanton (S Babic 60), Moric,
     Petkovic (Bilokapic 75), Naumovski, Hristodoulou, Milicic, Zdrilic

BS : Bolton, Jackson, Stowell, Zoricich, Williams, Slater (Ditton 72),
     Evans, Wright, Phillips, T Cranney, Brown (Hutchison 80)

[Brisbane had the better chances during the game but United had Kalac for the
 shootout. Kalac saved 3 shots from the spot, 2 of them from Zoricich after
 a retake the first time around. In the end only Gary Philips had success
 in the shootout for Brisbane while Moric, Kupresak and Hristodoulou scored
 for United.]

Melbourne SC		1	-	Melbourne Knights	3
(Robert Tombolato 35)			(Andrew Marth 30)
                                        (Mark Viduka 45, 78)

MZ : Gonzales, Kuleski, Tombolato, Della Rocca, Trajkovski (Angelovski 88),
     Aloisi, Trajcevski, Banini, Emmanuelle, Ngata, Tricarico (Lazarevski 71)

MK : Juric, Horvat, Markovski (Pondeljak 45), D Cervinski, Tiatto, Marth,
     Silic, Biskic, Lapsansky, Spiteri, Viduka

[Well they did it again but South Melbourne coach Frank Arok said "At the
 moment Melbourne Knights are being hailed as unbeatable but later in the
 season we will knock the stuffing out of them". Well I thought it was funny.]

Heidelberg United	1	-	Marconi-Fairfield	1
(Marconi win 7-6 on penalties)
(Robert Despotovski 63)                 (Kimon Taliadoros 86)

HU : Miller, Blagojevic, Watson, Koutos (Vasiliadis 18), Scott, MacNicol,
     Ardone, Tsolakis, Georgiadis, Kiratzoglou (Zmugic 57), Despotovski

MF : Catlin, Casserly (Dee 83), Gray, van Egmond, Smith, Bingley, Harper,
     Colombo, Corica (Ortiz 83), Soper Taliadoros

[Tada! Heidelberg get the first points of their season against an out-of-sorts
 Marconi. Head of the players Union equalised late for Marconi and a
 marathon shootout of 20 kicks ensued. After Catlin saved from Vasiliadis
 van Egmond slotted home the deciding kick. This game also marked the return
 of Matthew Bingley after a wrangle with Wollongong was resolved.]

Morwell Falcons		0	-	Sydney Olympic		0
(Sydney Olympic wins 3-2 on penalties)

MF : Matassa, Waddell, Miller, Douglas, Parton, Sevin, Tapai, Stergioupoulos,
     Bothwell, Armstrong, Markovski (Villani 84)

SO : Gibson, Spyridakos, Barrett, Juric, Sorras, Meredith, Tsekenis,
     Milosevic, Bacak, Johnson, Poimer (Maloney 45)

[Sonny Sevin had his shot saved to decide what was a fairly uninspiring

West Adelaide		2	-	South Melbourne		1
(Cyrille Ndongo-Keller 37)              (Con Boutsianis 69 pk)
(Pablo 'Elvis' Cardozo 40)

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Lazaridis, Haniotis, Kokkinoplitis, Keramidas,
     Slifkas, Andrioli (Alagich 82), Ndongo-Keller, Cardozo,
     Tsekenis (Brazzale 60)

SM : Anastasiadis (Mautone 44), Valkanis, Wade, Mangos, Boutsianis,
     Damianos (Vrbanjac 75), Petersen, Anthopoulos (Panopoulos 46),
     Trimboli, Kelic, Awaritefe

[I _love_ seeing two Melbourne sides propping up the table. Makes me think
 that perhaps there is a God ;-). The Boutsianis penalty was a joke, well
 the kick was fine but the way in which it was gained was ludicrous.]

Parramatta Eagles	2	-	Wollongong City		2
(Parramatta Eagles win 4-2 on penalties)
(Gabriel Mendez 75 pk, 82)		(Claudio Cellini 6)
					(Martin Akers 62)

PE : Franken, P Souris, Ciantar, Moffitt, Orlic, Renaud, Reda, Mendez,
     Sprod (Brockwell 30 (Gilbert 63)), Gunning, Brayshaw

WC : Hughes, Murray, Forshaw, O'Shea, Bourke, Horsley, Bradley, Cellini,
     Dimoski (Lloyd 80), Coveny (Middleby 84), Akers

[Parramatta used their 'Get out of Jail free' card in this game and Wollongong
 were left justifiably upset. The Mendez penalty was given in controversial
 circumstances and a blatant handball was left unpunished at the other end
 late in the game. Ah the rich tapestry of life :-).]