Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 4 Matches

Round 4 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 12-13/11)

Sydney United		3	-	Marconi Fairfield	0
(Gary van Egmond 24 og)
(Ante Milicic 25)
(David Zdrilic 70)

SU : Kalac, Popovic, Kupresak, M Babic, Stanton, Moric, Naumovski,
     Hristodoulou, Milicic, Lamond (Jermen 82), Zdrilic

MF : Catlin, Casserly, Gray, van Egmond (McCulloch 45), Dee, Talay, Okon,
     de Marigny (Iocca 45), Colombo, Soper, Taliadoros

[Seven minutes before full time a power failure hit the area around Edensor
 Park and while power was being restored, and the players waited on the
 pitch, Klaus Okon was concussed by a filled water bottle hurled from the
 crowd. As the score already stood at 3-0 Marconi will lodge no appeals and
 this won't be another Otto Konrad affair. As for the game itself...well
 Steve Corica will return to Marconi's lineup soon, perhaps next week, they'll
 need him.]

West Adelaide		2	-	Brisbane Strikers	1
(Pablo "don't call me Elvis" Cardozo 22)(Rod Brown 25)
(Cyrille Ndongo-Keller 74)

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Slager, Haniotis, Lazaridis, Kokkinoplitis, Slifkas,
     Andrioli, Tsekenis, Ndongo-Keller, Cardozo

BS : Bolton, Jackson (sent off 66), Stowell, Zoricich, Evans, Ditton,
     Williams, Phillips, T Cranney (Slater 77), Brown, Wright

[The Adelaide Grand Prix (hooray for Schuh!!) put a dent in the Strikers'
 accommodation plans and they were forced to stay an hours travel from the
 ground. When they got there Steven Jackson didn't hang around long enough
 to stop Ndongo-Keller scoring the winner because Jackson managed to accumulate
 two yellow cards in a hurry.]

Heidelberg United	0	-	Adelaide City		1
					(Joe Mullen 72)

HU : Miller, Blagojevic, Watson, Koutos, Scott, Macnicol (Michalakopoulos 59),
     Georgiadis, Tsolakis, Ardone (Curcija ??), Kiratzoglou, Despotovski

AC : Petkovic, Ivanovic, Vidmar, Tobin, Yates (Melta 68), Foster (Gibson 79),
     Mullen, Talladira, Lozanovski, Hassell, Mori

[Heidelberg were surprisingly hard to beat, but sure enough they lost
 anyway. Bergers coach Mike Urukalo put new recruit Robert Despotovski from
 Perth into the game and gave Brian Macnicol a game too. Oh well I strongly
 suspect that Heidelberg are going to struggle to exist to the end of the
 season let alone win any games (financial problems ya see).]

Parramatta Eagles	1	-	Melbourne Knights	4
(Nick Orlic 67)				(Andrew "Messerschmidt" Marth 36)
					(Joe "Spitfire" Spiteri 61, 63)
					(Mark "V-Bomber" Viduka 92)

PE : Franken, P Souris, Gwynne, Orlic, Sprod (Brockwell 54), Reda, Mendez,
     Renaud, Gunning, Brayshaw, Ciantar

MK : Juric, Horvat, Buljubasic, D Cervinski, Kovacevic (A Cervinski 51),
     Tiatto, Marth, Biskic, Silic, Spiteri, Viduka

[The Eagles flew high hoping to avoid the rampant Air Force putting goals
 into nets around the country. They failed, but played valiantly. First
 Marth....rat-at-at-at-at, then the Spitfire ripped the hearts out of the
 Eagles hopes with two quick goals, the second reminiscent of Spain's fluke
 against Germany at USA '94. The V-Bomber came in to obliterate the raised
 hopes of the Eagles who pulled one back from an Orlic header.]

Wollongong City		3	-	South Melbourne		2
(Mike Ackers 48, 57)			(Ivan Kelic 67, 80)
(Mike O'Shea 61 pk)

WC : Hughes, Lloyd, Forshaw, O'Shea, Bourke, Horsley, Bradley,
     Halpin (Middleby 74), Dimoski (McLaren 58), Coveny, Ackers

SM : Anastasiadis, Hasler (sent off 73), Mangos, Muscat (sent off 61),
     Valkanis, Boutsianis (Tasios 58), Petersen, Goutzioulis, Wade,
     Trimboli (Kelic 63), Awaritefe

[Cool, South Melbourne suck just as bad as most of the Sydney teams. Well
 without veteran (sorry Mehmet) defender Durakovic South Melbourne are
 struggling to keep teams out. The more observant of you will note the
 timing of the penalty and Muscat's sending off. Hasler was sent off soon
 after when he became a little too 'chatty' with referee Simon Micallef after
 a yellow card was shown. Oddly enough Souths scored two from thereon..
 9 men...3-0 down....Kelic scores twice...go figure.]

Melbourne SC		2	-	Sydney Olympic		1
(Andrew Zinni 9)			(Nick Meredith 93)
(Eugene Augerinos 42 og)

MZ : Gonzales, Kuzmanovic, Trajkovski, Kuleski, Mazzini, Aloisi, Banini,
     Trajcevski, Jolevski, Ngata (Tricarico 65), Zinni (Karkaletsis 75)

SO : Gibson, Juric, Augerinos, Sorras, Barrett, Meredith, Tsekenis,
     Maloney (Tome 45), Milosevic, Johnson, Bacak

[Ross Aloisi has the ball, he centres it...Oh no it's gone straight to a
 defender...but wait he heads it he heads it to the goalie..
 ..Augerinos scores!!!! Sydney Olympic tried to make up for the error and
 did their best to score and got a very late consolation. I didn't think
 the Melbournians had it in them, neither did their fans only 1000 turned
 up. Hahahaha!]