Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 2 Matches

Round 2 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 28-30/10)

West Adelaide		0	-	Marconi-Fairfield	0
(West Adelaide win 5-4 on penalties)

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Keramidis (Tibalbi 51), Slager, Haniotis,
     Kokkinoplitas, Andrioli, Cardozo (Brazzale 75), Lazaridis, Iriarte,

MF : Catlin, Smith (Kladis 75), van Egmond, Gray, Dee, Talay, McCulloch,
     Okon, Iocca (Gomez 85), Taliadoros, Soper

[English returnee Catlin kept Marconi in the game when Wests were looking
 to get a late winner with Cameroonian Cyrille Ndongo-Keller looking the
 most dangerous. Gary van Egmond had his penalty kick (the 14th overall)
 saved and thus gave the extra point to West Adelaide.]

Sydney United		0	-	Adelaide City		0
(Adelaide City win 5-6 on penalties)

SU : Kalac, Popovic, Kupresak, M Babic, Moric (Milicic 70), Petkovic (Z Babic),
     Naumovski, Hristodoulou, Stanton, Lamond, Zdrilic

AC : Petkovic, Ivanovic, Vidmar, Yates, Marino, Lozanovski, Talladira, Mullen,
     Foster, Mori, Hassell

[This was the televised game on Sunday and it was a nice match and in another
 country a draw would have been a fair result. It certainly would have meant
 the most controversial part of the game would not have occurred. Socceroo
 Kalac saved a fairly crucial, without being decisive, penalty but was deemed
 to have moved off his line and the kick was retaken and converted by
 Talladira. Kalac was booked for his rather vociferous protestations. Kalac
 also took one of the penalties himself, it was well taken but was saved by
 a very solid crossbar. His counterpart Petkovic was more successful. Kalac
 also saved 4 penalties but Damien Mori put the winning goal past him.]

Heidelberg United	1	-	Morwell Falcons		2
(Walter Ardone 60)			(Brian Bothwell 24)
					(Lachlan Armstrong 50)

HU : Miller, Blagojevic, Georgiadis, Koutos, Scott, Kiratzoglou (Gnjidic 45),
     Ardone, Tsolakis, Vasiliadis (Watson 45), Michalakopoulos, Vlahos

MF : Matassa, Douglas, Upton (Miller 75), Canosa, Parton, Sevin, Waddell,
     Tapai, Armstrong, Markovski (Stergiopoulos 90), Bothwell

[The Heidelberg coach was rather upset with the referee as he claims Stevie
 Wonder would have seen Bothwell foul Blagojevic when the Falcons first goal
 came about. I suspect Michael Uralko will be doing a lot more of this
 making excuses business before the season is out.]

Parramatta Eagles	1	-	Sydney Olympic		2
(B Renaud 59 pk)			(David Barrett 36)
					(Derek Poimer 92)

PE : Franken, P Souris, Sprod (Falzon 46), Orlic, Moffitt (sent off 75),
     Gwynne, Reda, Mendez, Renaud, Gunning (sent off 19), Gilbert (Ciantar 54)

SO : Gibson, Spyridakos, Meredith (Bacak 35), Sorras, Juric, Barrett,
     Milosevic, Tsekenis, Maloney, Johnson, Tome (Poimer 62)

[Referee Rob Davies issued 11 cards in this match with Geoff Gunning getting
 a straight out red card for using an elbow on Olympics Tony Spyridakos.
 Parramatta still played competitively but when Moffitt walked the Eagles
 were always going to lose. Funny thing is they almost didn't. It took an
 extra late winner from Poimer to seal the win, the Eagles management plan to
 lodge an official protest. Fat lot of good it'll do them.]

Wollongong City		0	-	Melbourne Knights	2
					(Mark Viduka 78, 89)

WC : Hughes, O'Shea, Troth, Forshaw, Middleby (Murray 70), Bourke, Horsley,
     Sterjovski, Coveny, Cellini (Lloyd 53), Halpin

MK : Juric, Kovacevic, D Cervinski, Horvat, Markovski, Lapsansky, Biskic,
     Silic, Tiatto, Viduka, Spiteri

[Well the Wolves almost looked like getting a point, until Viduka decided
 he better win the game for the Knights and scored from a rebounded
 Cervinsky header and then converted a Joe Biskic cross to put him on top
 of the goalscoring chart alongside Ivan Kelic. In an interesting twist
 to the game neither coach complained.]

Brisbane Strikers	3	-	South Melbourne		1
(Rod Brown 22)				(Ivan Kelic 89)
(Brad Ditton 65)
(Sean Cranney 85)

BS : Bolton, Jackson, Zoricich, Williams, Hunter, T Cranney (Hutchison 83),
     Ditton, Phillips, Evans (Slater 67), S Cranney, Brown

SM : Mautone, Hasler, Wade, Valkanis, Panopoulos, Goutzioulis (Boutsianis 56),
     Petersen, Muscat, Awaritefe (Vrbanjac 72), Trimboli, Kelic

[Bit of an upset as the much fancied Souths come up against a stubborn
 Brisbane and lose. :-). Anyway Rod Brown was lucky to stay on the pitch
 according to both coaches after he seemed to lash out with his boot after
 a tackle by Gary Hasler. The ref opined a yellow card sufficed. Apparently
 a very good game with a result to match, eventhough Dittons goal came from
 an awkward bounce the Strikers deserved the victory and slackened off in the
 last 10 minutes or so and allowed a consolation goal to take Kelic's tally
 to 3 in two games.]