Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 1 Matches

22/10/1994 & 23/10/1994

Marconi-Fairfield 	2 	-	Wollongong City 	0
(Marshall Soper 30)
(Kimon Taliadoros 94)

MF : Catlin, Dee, Gray, vanEgmond, Smith, Iocca,
     deMarigny (Gomez 45), McCulloch, Talay. Soper, Harper (Taliadoros 12)

WC : Hughes, Bourke, Forshaw, O'Shea, Dihm, Stejovski, Horsley,
     Lloyd (Troth 45), Cellini (Middleby 45), Coveny, Murray

[Changes, changes. Marconi have lost old players, got new ones, the new
 coach Andrea Icardi wants to implement a zonal system, there's a new
 strip, their chairman is under investigation by the Liquor Licensing
 Board. Worst of all they're noe calling themselves the 'Stallions'..ugh!
 However they're still winning. A streak of one. Wollongong are still
 losing. Some things never change.]

Morwell Falcons 	0 	-	Melbourne SC 		0
(Melbourne SC win 4-3 on penalties)

MF : Matassa, Douglas, Sevin, Parton, Canosa, Upton, Tapai, Markovski,
     Waddell, Bothwell, Armstrong

MS : Gonzalez, Kuzmanovic, Jolevski, Della Rocca, Tombolato, Trajkovski,
     Trajcevski, Aloisi, Banini (Mazzini 80), Emmanuelle (Tricarico), Ngata

[Poor old Ransford Banini copped a concussion, and this after being
 deposed as captain by the new coach, albeit for his age which seems
 fairly reasonable. Both keepers had an outstanding day, with Gonzales
 pulling off the more spectacular saves. It was also the first game
 to be decided on penalties after the 90 minutes. Sad, sad, sad.]

Melbourne Knights 	1	-	Brisbane Strikers 	0
(Mark 'who else' Viduka 54)

MK : Juric, Zoran Markovski, Horvat, Kovacevic, D Cervinsky, Silic (Razov 81),
     Biskic, Lapsansky, Tiatto, Viduka, Spiteri

BS : Bolton, Jackson, Evans, Hunter (Slater 78), Zoricich, Wright (Ditton 53),
     Williams, Phillips, T Cranney, Brown, S Cranney

[Ah well what can you say. Australia's best prospect for a decent goalscorer,
 though Aurelio Vidmar is doing well lately, decided the game in favour of
 the southerners. I wonder if Mark's sisters are taken...hmmmm]

Adelaide City 		1	-	Parramatta Eagles	0
(Craig Foster 44)

AC : Petkovic, Ivanovic, Marino (Yates 67), Tobin, Vidmar, Foster, Talladira,
     Mullen, Lozanovski, Mori, Hassell

PE : Franken, P Souris, Gwynne (Ciantar 69), Moffitt, Orlic, Sprod, Reda,
     Mendez, Renaud, Gunning, Gilbert (Reveley 45)

[The defending champions win through despite losing the vastly experienced
 Robert Zabica to retirement and their main striker, Carl Veart, to
 Sheffield United. Mendez distinguished himself by not getting booked or
 sent off, well done Gabriel only 21 matches to go :-).]

Sydney Olympic 		0	- 	West Adelaide		0
(West Adelaide win 4-3 on penalties)

SO : Gibson, Spyridakos, Barrett, Juric, Sorras, Meredith (Radic 85), Poimer,
     Milosevic, Tsekenis, Bacak, Johnson (Tome 87)

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Kokkinoplitas, Haniotis, Slager, Keramidis, Lazaridis,
     Cardozo, Andrioli, Ndongo-Keller, Tsekenis (Iriarte 77)

[Kent really deserves better, but again the Olympic are glorious in defeat.
 There are good signs though. The Bacak-Johnson attack looks quick and
 a potential game winner. Just as well since Ivan Kelic signed for South
 Melbourne. The pitch was atrocious with the conditions attacked by both
 coaches (Raoul Blanco and Vince Estavillio) and the game was drawn and
 went to the dreaded shotout. The Sydney youth internationals Peter Tsekenis
 and Ante Juric failed to convert their penalties...Tsekenis made Baresi
 look good. Milosevic, Spyridakos and Tome fared better, but Hooker,
 Lazaridis, Cardozo and Andriolo gave West Adelaide the extra point.]

South Melbourne 	4	-	Heidelberg United	1
(Con Boutsianis 2)			(Peter Tsolakis 44 pk)
(Francis Awaritefe 65)
(Ivan Kelic 73, 86)

SM : Mautone, Durakovic, Muscat, Wade, Valkanis, Hasler, Polak (sent off 44),
     Petersen (Goutzioulis 84), Boutsianis (Awaritefe 39), Kelic, Trimboli

HU : Miller, Koutos, Scott, Watson, Georgiadis, Vasiliadis (Karapatsos 63),
     Tsolakis, Ardone, Kiratzoglou, Gnjidic (Vlahos 51), Michalakopoulos

[South Melbourne played their last game at Middle Park (well it is
 _supposed_ to be the last) against the Cup runners-up. Victorian
 Premier Jeff Kennett was there as Souths No1 ticket holder {chortle}
 and saw an early lead for Souths from a Kelic cross. The scorer Boutsianis
 left the game with an injured leg and he was followed by Jason Polak who
 was judged to have used his hand to stop a goal-bound ball. Ex-souths
 man Tsolakis scored. A minute later another handball gave Souths a
 chance to retake the lead. Mehmet Durakovic shot straight at Miller, well
 Mehmet is a defender after all. The Bergers proved that the Cup final was
 no mistake and sucked for the rest of the game.]

Sydney United - BYE