Australian NSL final six series to determine the champion for the 92/93 season 1st Leg 2nd Leg ------- ------- Wollongong City 3 - Parramatta 0 Parramatta 2 - Wollongong 1 (M O'Shea 3) (G Mendez 30) (M Horsley 52) (R Wheatley og 71) (M Soper 92) (C Yankos 82) Sth Melbourne 0 - Marconi 1 Marconi 7 - Sth Melbourne 0 (S Corica 67) (A Harper 8, 36) (J deMarigny 10) (K Taliadoros 60) (G van Egmond 69) (G Johnson 84) (B Kuleski 86) West Adelaide 1 - Adelaide City 0 Adelaide City 2 - West Adelaide 1 (S Lazaridis 50) (S Maxwell 35, 79) (B Hiern 87) Parramatta and West Adelaide are eliminated, the latter on the away goals rule (funny when you consider they come from the same city as their victorious opponents). Current champions Adelaide City will play against Wollongong for the right to play against South Melbourne. Marconi go straight into the final ( A BIG hello to all the Melbourne readers :) ). Adelaide City 4 - Wollongong 0 (C Veart 1, 77) (D Mori 58) (S Maxwell 70) So Adelaide meet South Melbourne for the right to play against Marconi in the final. The winner is then crowned Champion League team for the 92/93 season. South Melbourne 1 - Adelaide City 3 (F Awaritefe 87) (S Melta 4) (D Mori 26, 74) Who'd have thought it. The team which had conceded only 23 goals in 26 games all season long has conceded 11 goals in three matches. South Melbourne are, to coin a phrase, dead ducks. Defending champions Adelaide City and Sydney based Marconi will fight for champion status on May 16. Marconi-Fairfield 1 - Adelaide City 0 (A Harper pk 53) Well Adelaide have handed over their championship crown to the mob from Sydney, the penalty was dubious but the whole match was pretty mediocre. To top it all off some of the more idiotic fans lit a small fire in the stands which the commercial TV stations had a field day with. They also showed some very nice pictures of a sea of Italian flags (both sides were founded in the Italian communities of their respective cities). No doubt these goons will show their enthusiasm in the Australia-AC Milan matches by supporting the latter of the sides. Another fine example of Australians supporting the away side to make a joke of any home ground advantage the Australians might have had. I could just cry. Anyway Adelaide had some consolation when West Adelaide took out the National Youth Titles defeating the Australian Institute of Sport 1-0.