Knights fans v Glory

Report by Tom Anderson
Melbourne Knights fans v Perth Glory

Soccer Australia could have taken action against Melbourne Knights after the violence at Mobil Park in March... and Melbourne Knights could have taken action against the gang of thugs who follow them around...

But what happened??? Nothing! Zilch! Sod All!

I know for a fact that the Eastern Pride Admin Manager had a heated argument with some cow at Soccer Australia who was fingering all the blame at Eastern Pride for providing insufficient security..

Yes... with the benefit of hindsight there WAS insufficient security that night.... but it had proved to be adequate for every other match played there in recent years... in fact Soccer Australia and Melbourne Knights should have warned Eastern Pride in advance that a group of drunken animals would be travelling to the game and that they would be looking for people to beat up..

I feel sick about what happened yesterday because it could have been prevented... Melbourne Knights officials just shook their heads at Morwell in March shunning any responsibility for the actions of their followers... and Soccer Australia AND THE MEDIA just brushed it under the carpet... after all it was only Eastern Pride and nobody gives a fuck about them anyway..

Anyway... I don't give a toss any more... the NSL sucks... Soccer Australia sucks.. I will stick to the Gippsland Soccer League who had the good sense to throw out a club many years ago because of similar problems... no prizes for guessing the ethnic background of that club's memebrs and supporters.