Knights v Glory

Playoff report by David Arnold
Melbourne Knights v Perth Glory

Most have reported on it. Just a few additional comments from me:

Knights have no firepower at all. Marth does everything at Somers st including the dunnies, but he missed a pretty palpable chance in the 2nd half.

Con pretty much wrecked the game flashing his assets all the time. It wasn't even what I'd call a 'hard' game. 6-7 yellows and a red was ridiculous.

Flares - The monster rocket which went about 4kms straight up was amazing. You just had to be there. Then there was the 3 consecutive - like a machine gun - flares that went straight at a Knights player. The bloke jumped out of his skin and pawed at it to make it go out. Very much a tragi-comedy. Common sense dictates that if you fire a souped up flare gun that it don't hit your own players...

I was standing directly outside the players tunnel when it went off. This was about 20 minutes after the game ended. Security were called in quickly and they made a bee-line down the tunnel. We rushed down the another passageway, into the stadium and we could see cops frogmarching along the pitch fence and around to the exit. We followed, but I missed exactly what happened. There some Perth glory gear strewn about the fence, so I quickly surmised that someone got into the Glory rooms and set about them.

The exit was about 50 metres from where the Glory bus was. Certainly in that time there was no approach made to the bus. The cops had gathered in the carpark and had apprehended someone - who face was covered in scratch marks. Said person was led away into the Admin office, about 10 minutes passed and then he was led outside and presumably into a paddy wagon.

I heard plenty about what happened allegdly. Apparently Despotovski was goading the Croats with the 3 finger salute, something to do with Serbia. I say allegdly of course. His post-match comments are shit-stirring themselves and totally in line with his character.

By this time, of course, quite a crowd had built around the Perth bus. I did not see it approached, attacked what have you etc. About 10 people inside were milling around pretty much unconcerned, and there were plenty of people coming on and off it. Afkos was walking around unconcerned. Tana stormed into the stadium, going right past me and was he pissed off.

I assume that everybody was doing what I was doing - trying to get a handle on what happened. John Vtaric was walking around very pissed off with a minority of hooligans who spoil it for everyone. In this case I have to agree. It was *1* guy who was apprehended and *1* guy who was led away by the cops. Quote of the night "I dont know what these fucking animals have done" - John Vtaric. He said it was the "headhunters" among the support responsible. I saw their banner, on the north-western corner, white on black.

We heard that Stange was attacked, but he looked totally fine, no physical marks on his face. An ambulance was called, presumably for the security guard.

Summary: An incident occurred, in which a security guard was bashed, the Perth Glory rooms invaded, someone went after Stange, an amublance was called, the cops were quickly on the scene...