Knights v Glory

Playoff report by Markian Jaworsky
Melbourne Knights v Perth Glory

A fair bit of colour, and fair bit of atmosphere. Approxiamately 10-15 flares set off by the Knights fans. With about 10 minutes remaining, the game was nearly called off, due to an UFO that was lit, and discharged and hung in the air for 2-3 minutes. The Glory fans singing of "What the f*, what the f*, what the f* is that?" was quite appropriate, I at one stage feared the UFO was going to land on my head.

Half time was livened up by a real fireworks display, yes, a real fireworks display. No not fights, not flares, real fireworks. Quite impressive too, about the same standard as what we get at Southbank on the Yarra for our budget New Years Eve celebrations here in Melbourne.

Onto the game, referee dished it out to Perth Glory, about 6-7 yellow cards and a red. Harnwell will be suspended for the return leg. No one really stood out, although, club inspiration, captain, coach, manager, defender, midfielder, striker, spokesperson, and all round helper, Andrew "Stabber" Marth should have won it for the Knights with two clear cut chances at the death.