Wollongong v Carlton

Playoff report by David Arnold
Wollongong Wolves v Carlton SC

Only decided to go up on the Friday night (bus left Saturday morning) so it was a bit hectic.

Arrive Wollongong latish Sat night, have a few in the Champions pub, up the next morning for a look around Wollongong. Nice place but.. Reminds me of the Gold Coast and Geelong.

Brandon Park is a nice little ground, a bit basic but far better than anything we can offer. Fairly good crowd, taking into consideration Storm were playing St.George (eh?) at the WIN stadium.

The game was fairly obvious. Colosimo and Chipperfield could be our Socceroo flankers for the next decade. Their skill is impressive but their confidence more so.

The Waffen-SS (sorry, Wollongong Security) kicked out Trumper for PUTTING A STICKER ON THE FENCE!!!!!

Needless to say I bolted it out of the place at full time to spend the night with mates in Sydney, a decision I did not regret even after spending an hour waiting for the train.

Sydney listees were extremely reluctant to come down, which was a surprise to me at the time. I know now.