Carlton v Olympic

Playoff report by David Arnold
Carlton SC v Sydney Olympic

Bow before us!!!!! No more Sydney teams or Culina thanks to Carlton!

Olympic bought a fair few supporters down -looked like about 250 or so. But they need to come to Bob Jane and take lessons from us in singing away from home. Not that we were much cop as well.

It was a bitterly cold day - Tony reckons it hit 2degrees and was pissing down for most of it. It could explain the subdued crowd and figure, because this game was nowhere like Marconi. Also on TV.

Thompson scored a rebound from a corner. He is easily the form player of the series, ahead of his clubmate Colosimo. I love em both. I'm the sad type who whipped up "Colosimo forever" and "A dream won't die" banners.

We really should have gone 2-0 up when Packer burnt the defence and saw his shot come off the bar. Olympic equalised shortly after, they got the ball on the goalline and sent a hard ball across the goalmouth where it was turned in.

Marth nearly won the game for us, a looping header at the back post also coming off the bar.

We took a stranglehold in sudden death. It was the Terminator whose cross to the back post found Horvat heading past a backpedalling Kourtis to send us into joy.

Carlton are through to play Wollongong. I ain't rubbing this in, but I reckon we've done the game a favour by assuredly making this Culina's last game in the country.

Wollongong is a difficult match to tell. Our defence was again outstanding, with Deano and Akkers totally dominant. Akkers takes down the oppo's main man - Maloney, Mendez and next Chipperfield then Ergic (not even Stange is that anal retentive.) Any mistakes from our defence are capably handled by Deano, back to his 97-98 form.

I'm tempted to say after nullifying Olympic's firepower we have no fear, but I won't risk fate.