The 1984 Season

    I know, you're looking at this season and wondering how George Orwell could have predicting our capacity for convoluting our lives in the name of power, and not once mentioning the NSL.

    In 1984, the National League has introduced a new, revolutionary championship format with a twofold aim: to reduce the expensive interstate travel costs and to increase the "local derby" content. At first sight the format looks complicated, so below is a full and detailed explanation of the system. The greatest beneficiaries of the reduceduced travel plan are the Melbourne clubs: in 1983 they had to travel 12 times interstate and this year they will make only four trips. Sydney teams will cut their travelling time from 11 trips to three, Adelaide from 14 to 9, Canberra from 15 to 11. To these, however, you must add the occasional extra trips for Inter-Conference matches.

    Section A:
    Blacktown City
    Parramatta Melita Eagles
    Penrith City
    St. George
    Sydney Olympic
    Sydney Croatia
    Sydney City
    Wollongong City
    Section B:
    Canberra Arrows
    Newcastle United
    Section A:
    Brunswick United-Juventus
    Green Gully
    Heidelberg United
    Melbourne Croatia
    South Melbourne
    Sunshine-George Cross
    Section B:
    Adelaide City
    West Adelaide
    Section C:
    Brisbane City
    Brisbane Lions


    Australian Conference:
    Teams in Section A (Blacktown, etc.) play home and away, 18 games against one another, then once against Canberra and Newcastle (either home or away) and also once against Section C of the National Conference - the two Brisbane teams. Total: 22.
    Teams in Section B (Canberra and New- castle) will play Section A teams (Black- town, etc.) once, Section A and B of the National Conference (Melbourne and Adelaide) also once and then meet one another twice, home and away. Total: 22 games for each club.

    National Conference:
    Section A teams (Melbourne) will play one another as well as their own Section B teams (Adelaide) home and away - 18 matches; meet the Section C teams (Brisbane) once and also meet Section B teams of the other Conference (Canberra and Newcastle) once - 22 games.
    Section B teams (Adelaide) will play Section A (Melbourne) home and away, for 16 games; will meet head on four times (instead of the traditional two) and meet once Section B teams of the other Conference (Canberra and Newcastle).
    Section C (Brisbane) teams play Section A (Melbourne) once, Section A of the other Conference (Sydney) also once and then have four local derbies. Again: a total of 22 games.

    At certain intervals, Inter-Conference and lntra-Conference games will be inserted into the schedule - with the points counting the same.

    Believe it, or not.

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