Matildas 1986 Matches

Matildas Internationals for 1986

Written by Steve Darby, Andre Kruger and Thomas Esamie .

In 1986 Australia participated in a tournament which involved New Zealand, New Zealand B and Chinese Taipei. This was a Friendly match.
Played : March 29 Venue : Christchurch, New Zealand
New Zealand
Ann SMith, Viv Robertson, Barbara Cox, Kathy Hall, Audrey Allen, Jo Graat (Julie Inglis), Maureen Jacobson, Alison Grant, Debbie Pullen (Pauline Sullivan), Donna Baker, Wendy Sharpe
0 - 1 Australia

Goal : Renaye Iserief

This was a Friendly match.
Played : Venue : Christchurch, New Zealand
0 - 1 Chinese Taipei

Goal : Tai Ying Chou

This was the final of the tournament This was a Friendly match.
Played : April 5 Venue : New Zealand

Goal : Andrea Martin
1 - 4 Chinese Taipei

Goals : Yu Chu Liu x2, Hsio Chih Yang, Hsiu Ming Hsieh