Australia 3 - New Zealand 0


92+ GOAL LG Joey Spase Dilevski feeds the ball through to Agius, who takes a left foot shot which beats the keeper for his second of the night.

90 LG JOEYS 2-0

90 New Zealand substitution Wayne Rooker off Mark Bland on

86 LG Joey Matthew Engele receives yellow card

85 LG JOEYS 2-0

85 LG Joey substitution Sean Walsh off Michael Brown on

83 New Zealand free kick 22 metres out, shot taken by Craig Wylie easily cleared by Australian defence.

80 LG JOEYS 2-0

78 Holman makes break down the left, cuts the ball back to Agius whose miscues shot the ball safely cleared away by New Zealand defence.

75 LG JOEYS 2-0

74 New Zealand substitution Dalin Wilson off Dane Rayner on

74 Australian corner taken by Agius, with Danze heading just over the bar

70 LG JOEYS 2-0

68 LG JOEYS substitution Massimo Murdocca & Jay Lucas off Spase Dilevski & Matthew Engele on

66 - GOAL Holman makes the break and threads the ball through to Agius, who takes a clean shot from 15 metres and leaves the keeper with no chance.

65 LG JOEYS 1-0

63 Australian free kick 22 metres out, taken by Agius, who floats the ball into the penalty area, Danze header easily saved by the keeper.

60 LG JOEYS 1-0

60 New Zealand substitution Thomas Reece off Liam Smith on

56 Australian corner taken by Agius, which is headed goalward by Alex Wilkinson and cleared desperately by New Zealand defence.

55 LG JOEYS 1-0

55 Australian corner taken by Murdocca finds Anthony Danze whose header is cleared by New Zealand defence.

54 Agius brought down 25 metres out and takes his own free kick, shaving the left post.

50 LG JOEYS 1-0

47 - GOAL Agius finds space in the midfield and breaks to his left before providing a cross to Holman, whose left footed shot beats the keeper.

45.. HALF-TIME 0-0

42 Holman cuts through midfield and nearly completes a solo effort on goal, his shot just over the left corner


37 Murdocca again breaks down the right and puts in a troublesome cross, which is collected by the New Zealand keeper just ahead a rampaging Holman.

36 Lucas feeds the ball to Holman, who skies his shot over the bar.


33 New Zealand's Peter Howe takes the ball down the left and provides a pin-point cross into the goalmouth with no New Zealand forwards in sight

32 Lucas cuts inside to the goalmouth, takes a shot with left foot and is easily saved by New Zealand keeper


27 LG Joey Brett Studman is forced from the field by referee Harry Atisson with a bloodied lip... he is quickly back on though after getting hasty treatment on the sidelines.


23 New Zealand awarded a free kick 25 metres out... taken by Russell Camo, who takes the short option which is easily cleared by the Australian defence


After early domination by Australia, New Zealand slowly claw there way back into the game and halt Australia's attacking momentum.


15 LG Joey Massimo Murdocca continues to cause havoc down the right, breaking free of his marker and crossing to Walsh whose shot goes inches wide of the near post.

12 corner to Australia, taken by Agius with Matthew Hunter's powerful header cleared off the line


9 break by New Zealand's Wayne Rooker to the Australian goalmouth is comfortably cleared away by the Australian defence.

7 Australia continues to attack with Fred Agius feeding the ball to Walsh whose low cross is cleared away from the goalmouth.


3 LG Joey Sean Walsh provides a cross to Jay Lucas whose shot goes just wide of the far post.

2 Australian attack culminates in LG Joey Brett Holman putting pressure on the New Zealand with Anthony Danze taking the final shot, which is safely held by the New Zealand keeper.

written by Markian Jaworsky