Australia 3 - New Zealand 0

Australia outclassed New Zealand in the 1st leg of the U17 WC Qualifier.

In fact NZ took half an hour to even keep possession within Australia's half - such was the Aussie dominance.

Oz had a few shots saved by the NZ keeper, but failed to penetrate the effectife Kiwi rearguard until Power's Brett Holman dribble, then shot low to the keeper's left for the first; Fred Agius got the second to the same side from inside the area (and showed off the Aboriginal flag on his t-shirt), then virtually wrapped up the tie when the Kiwi keeper spilled his shot in injury time.

For Australia, little Massimo Murdocca (South Melbourne) was superb on the left. Spase Dilevski was again showing great class when he came on in the second half - but there is a big question mark over the Aussie backline, who look as though they will be exposed for their indecisiveness and possible lack of confidence when this team gets to play at a higher WC Finals level.

Steve O'Connor - effectively the team's coach - his is the voice the players hear during the match - will have to ensure the defence move the ball quicker and push forward if they are to have a Finals impact.

written by Chris Kunz