Contributions to OzFootball's Australian Club Database can be directed to Tony Persoglia.

This website would not be possible without the tireless efforts of the OzFootball crew, namely Thomas Esamie, Andrew Howe, John Punshon and Greg Stock, who have individually volunteered their time for a number of years in helping to compile a statistical biography of Australian football. This has provided the basis for what has become the Australian Club Database. The following people have also provided valuable information about their clubs, some of which has helped to clarify anomalies within the OzFootball archive.

Victor Brincat - Sunshine George Cross
Steven Gray - from Soccer Venues Victoria
Enzo Inglesi - Brunswick Juventus
John Pellarini - Doncaster Rovers
Chris Quirk - Knox City
Nicholas Rahovitsas - Heidelberg United
Sam Tabacco - Essendon Royals

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